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Search "job boards Australia" on Google and you will 20+ pages.  The dominance of SEEK in the Australian job seekers market is evident but how can a start-up recruitment business get a good ROI for their job board advertising dollar?

It's a vicious circle that the larger recruitment organizations (ie those that purchase large job ad packs and therefore have a lower per job cost) are the ones that have the lesser need to promote their brand.  For many small start-ups the cost of volume job ads is beyond their initial budget which in turn makes the promotion of their new recruitment business that much more challenging.  

LSA Recruitment business partners have the benefit of being part of the LSA Recruitment Group and therefore can enjoy our collective purchasing power.  But, if you are operating a stand alone recruitment business you need to find a way to achieve the highest return on your job board expenditure.

Paid Job Boards

The reality of the paid job boards such as SEEK, CareerOne, MyCareer, Jobla, etc is that there is no room for negotiation on the rate per ad so the only way to improve your ROI is to make sure that the ads that you are placing are going to hit the candidate target.  

SEEK in particular offer statistical data to determine view, open and application commenced/completed rates.  This information should be considered carefully so that you can see whether you need to work on your “short description” (if ads aren’t being opened) or your job content (if you are losing candidates prior to application stage).

In addition, SEEK also offer free webinars that only take 30 minutes or so and will keep you updated on candidate trends as well as job writing tips.

Promotional and Try Before You Buy

Some of the new job boards may be willing to give you a trial period where you can post a couple of jobs to determine the response from your particular industry sector.  This is an ideal opportunity to trial the operational efficiency of the job board site as well as its candidate reach.  

Remember, if you don’t ask, you’ll never know!

Free Job Boards

There are many free job boards – the most well known being Gumtree – that you should use to source candidates.  It may be that these job boards are not at all suitable for your industry sector and therefore will not attract the quality of candidates that you require.  But, it may still be worthwhile investigating the free sites that are available and giving it a try.  

One candidate gained makes the exercise worthwhile.